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About US

When one woman helps another, amazing things can happen. Professional careers leap forward. That's what Women in Technology & Entrepreneurship is all about. As the premier professional association for women in the technology and entrepreneurship in the North, we understand the unique challenges you face. No matter where you are in your professional development, or what technology-related/entrepreneurship field you're in, our community offers a broad range of support, programs and resources to advance women in in their ventures.

WENTECH Summit and Roundtables enables people to connect, learn and take action on gender diversity and inclusion. We do not shy away from controversy and we look to open people's minds to new ideas by pushing boundaries. Be part of the community, join us and make an impact on the gender gap and boost your career. All we require is that you ‘Pay Forward’, don’t hate on anyone and be supportive. Lets hold hands together and uplift one another.

About Us


Our Mission


to support and inspire every woman in tech or business operating in the Northern part of Nigeria, regardless of tribe, language, religion or region she comes from through a range of initiatives that champion fairness and inclusivity for a sustainable tech future. Also, to increase both the impact of women on all aspects of technology and the positive engagement of technology on the world’s women. mission is to support, instruct and inspire each other as we expand our businesses

Our Mission






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